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Self-Care Guide - COVID-19 (revised edition)


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The Self-Care Guide is designed to help each individual make the best possible decisions regarding their own health and that of their families during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, it sets down the best means for protection against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and provides information about self-care, basic care for family members, and information about when and where to consult a doctor, if medical care is required.

Revised edition : October 15, 2020.

You can order the Self-Care Guide in braille, in large print format as well as in an audio version, by calling 1 877 644-4545 or the TTY number at 1 800 361-9596.

This publication is available in French.


Online since: March 22, 2020
Last modification: December 23, 2020

Author: MSSS

Publication no : 19-210-30A

No. ISBN : 978-2-550-87347-1

No. ISBN (PDF) : 978-2-550-86392-2

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For further information, consult Coronavirus (COVID-19) page on Québec.ca.

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