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Advance medical directives – Act Respecting End-Of-Life Care


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The brochure Advance medical directives is designed to inform the public about a new way to express one’s wishes for care in the event of inaptitude to consent to care. It explains the procedure for expressing one’s wishes, the conditions that must be met for advance medical directives to be followed, and other information about these directives.

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This publication is available in French.


Online since: March 1, 2016
Last modification: March 1, 2016

Author: MSSS

Publication no : 16-828-02A

No. ISBN : 978-2-550-74302-6

No. ISBN (PDF) : 978-2-550-74303-3

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This content is available in HTML on the Advance medical directives This link opens a new window page from the Portail santé mieux-être.

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