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Refusal Form or Cancellation of refusal - Québec Vaccination Registry


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The vaccines that you have received or will receive will be recorded in the registry once the registry has been implemented throughout Québec. Once the vaccine has been administered, you cannot refuse to have it recorded in the registry.

You may refuse, at any time, to have a CSSS send you:

  • Promotional material on vaccinations
  • Reminders of vaccines that you should receive to protect you

Your refusal can be permanent or temporary. You can modify your decision at any time.

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Note that this information sheet is available in pads of 25 sheets. The ordering of printed copies is reserved for the vaccinators of the health and social services network.

This publication is available in French.


Online since: June 12, 2014
Last modification: June 12, 2014

Author: MSSS

Publication no : 14-278-02A

For more information

See the Québec Vaccination Registry This link opens a new window page for further details.

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