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Opioids, reducing injection risks

Pamphlets, Booklet

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The pamphlet "Opioids : Reducing injection risks" is an information tool for use when counselling people who want to reduce the risks associated with injecting opioid medications using 3 cc syringes. These syringes are generally recommended when a person injects capsules or pills and there is too much solution to fit into a 1 cc syringe.

Opioids are usually taken orally, in capsule or pill form. These medications contain wax, cellulose or talc. The safer injection steps recommended to dissolve these drugs into a liquid solution and to filter them are therefore different from those recommended for the injection of other drugs such as cocaine or heroin.

The following tool contains a variety of features, including:

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(PDF, 1 Mo, 20 pages)

This publication is available in French.


Online since: September 26, 2017
Last modification: September 26, 2017

Author: MSSS

Publication no : 17-313-01A

No. ISBN : 978-2-550-79420-2

No. ISBN (PDF) : 978-2-550-79421-9

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