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Reintegrating Young Offenders into the Community - Guide to lntervention in Youth Probation


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For many years, probation has been the measure most often chosen by Québec courts in juvenile delinquency cases, accounting for more than 50% of decisions. It is appropriate for a broad spectrum of adolescents with widely varying characteristics in many different situations. Probation therefore has to be adaptable. The duration, intensity and specific goals of probation and the techniques for applying it should all be tailored to the individual. This guide helps probation officers to adapt their practice to the needs of young offenders.

Intended for both new and experienced personnel and based on the experience of the last ten years, the latest research and the methods regarded as most effective, this guide gives probation officers a differential perspective on intervention, to ensure more successful reinsertion of young offenders into the community.

This 2006 update is a revised version of the guide published in 2000. The new guide covers the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act, which became law in April 2003, and features relevant content from "L’application de la Loi sur le système de justice pénale pour les adolescents dans les centres jeunesse", the 2004 reference manual for applying the Act.

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Online since: October 13, 2006
Last modification: October 13, 2006

Author: MSSS

Publication no : 06-820-01A

No. ISBN : 2-550-47557-7

No. ISBN (PDF) : 2-550-47558-5

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