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Prevention of psychosocial impacts in the context of an influenza pandemic : for employeurs and workers in Québec


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An influenza pandemic is an exceptional situation that most Quebeckers have never had to deal with before. A pandemic will affect people both physically and psychosocially.

Many people—divided between their own needs, that of their significant others, and their work responsibilities—will find themselves in a delicate situation. Rapidly determining the people who will be particularly affected by the pandemic's psychosocial impacts will make it possible to initiate measures to help keep these people in their workplace.

This guide is for Québec employers and workers faced with an influenza pandemic. Its purpose is to provide information about the psychosocial effects of an influenza pandemic and about means for preserving the well-being of the target audience.

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Online since: May 9, 2007
Last modification: May 9, 2007

Author: MSSS

Publication no : 06-235-16A

No. ISBN (PDF) : 978-2-550-48893-4

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