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Treating individuals with severe anaphylactic type allergic reactions - Instructor's Guide


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The Regulation respecting the professional activities that may be engaged in within the framework of pre-hospital emergency services and care was adopted in fall 2007. This Regulation of the Office des professions du Québec confers on the national medical director of pre-hospital emergency services the responsibility of accrediting a training program that will allow first aiders, in the absence of a first responder or ambulance technician, to administer adrenalin (a medication also known as epinephrine) in the case of an acute anaphylactic allergic reaction.

The training will be based on the following documents:

The document entitled Treating victims with severe anaphylactic type allergic reactions – Instructor’s Guide includes, in addition to the clinical content, the structural elements of the training and is for the use of instructors. The document Treating victims with severe anaphylactic type allergic reactions – Participant’s Guide is for the use of participants.

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Online since: July 22, 2009
Last modification: July 22, 2009

Author: MSSS

Publication no : 09-929-01A, 09-929-02A

No. ISBN (PDF) : 978-2-550-56315-0

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